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Rapid Prototyping Services


Mulan offers the professional Rapid Prototyping Service, which provides customers with Rapid Prototyping technical support services using advanced processing equipment and professional production processing technology.

Mulan only offers high quality rapid prototyping products and rejects substandard products for delivery to customers. We have a complete processing line, from raw material to finished processing, one-stop processing technology allows us to have low cost advantages to complete high quality products.

Usually Rapid Prototyping products are small-volume, generally used in the development of new products, we accept small orders of 1-10.000PCS, and provide complete production technical support.

Many times our customers have only one idea, or a sample. Mulan draws the idea of the product into a 3D model and customizes the rapid prototyping according to the product design.

 3D Printing Technology

 Precision CNC machining center carving





Why choose rapid prototyping service

1. Show your creativity to your boss or client.

2. Grasp the market sales opportunities in a timely manner.

3. The product is in the development and modification phase.

4. Test product features and assembly.

5. Prepare to develop a variety of different styles of products.





Precision CNC Machining Rapid Prototyping






3d printing



Polyurethane vacuum casting