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Mulan Manufacturing Group is an export-oriented company specializing in the custom processing of metal parts. With 18 years of production experience, China's manufacturing capacity is constantly increasing. We can supply high quality, high efficiency and low cost to international metal buyers. Products, providing 7*24 hour one-stop service.



Our business scope includes:

Precision CNC Machining  

Precision Milling Service

Metal Turning Service

Sheet Metal Fabrication

Metal Stamping

Metal forming

Laser Cutting Service

Metal Casting Service

Metal Surface Treatment.


The professional production team and quality control team can guarantee the precision and accuracy of the products. Now send us the design drawings (STEP/STP/CAD/UG/x_t/sldprt/dwg, etc.), to info@mulanmfg.com, the free quotation service and free samples will be available within 24 hours, depending on the product structure, Samples can be received in the fastest 10 days, and we will not carry out the next production after receiving the production license from the customer.




Mulan MFG maintains a good cooperative relationship with 1000+ companies worldwide. Advanced equipment, reasonable production, complete production process and high quality self-requirement will become your best supplier of Chinese metal parts.

We are located in Shanghai, China, with convenient transportation and welcome customers from all over the world.

Mulan MFG has two large-scale machining factories in Shanghai, China. It has passed ISO9001-2015 standard and ISO/TS16949 certification, and has obtained the Shanghai government environmental protection production license. We have been engaged in the machining industry for more than ten years and have participated in many large international procurement company procurement projects, including auto parts, medical equipment parts, military parts, and civilian products. Mulan machining products are the best choice for international buyers.



Large Material Storage Warehouse:

More than 100 materials and profiles are available for you to choose from. Our raw materials are true and correct, and proof of materials is available whether you need it or not.

High Quality:

Mulan MFG's products are manufactured in strict accordance with ISO9001-2015 standards, and each product detail is produced according to customer requirements. The professional quality inspection team will provide real and effective reports, and the customers will be challenged for free repairs.

High Efficiency:

We have professional engineers and process engineers who will evaluate and discuss your design before production to develop the safest and fastest production plan. Our 7*24 uninterrupted production helps our customers save time and cost. For a good company, time cost is critical.

Low Cost:

Formulating a reasonable production plan is conducive to the smooth production of the product and greatly reducing unnecessary waste. Our price is the real factory price, you can buy the best products from the Chinese factory without coming to China. There is no profit from the middlemen.


Mulan has high requirements for our CNC machining products. This is our style. Size is the life of a product, we will give each product vitality with the most professional work. We only offer qualified high quality products.

Click on the email link: info@mulanmfg.com to send us your product design and provide free online feedback.