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Metal Cutting Service



Before the metal sheet metal forming process, Mulan uses advanced equipment to remove excess material through precision cutting to obtain the prototype of the product and better complete the production of the product. In the production of industrial sheet metal molded parts, there is often a demand for thick plate cutting and large batch cutting. The combustion cutting process is now widely used in the production of sheet metal forming products.


Mulan has a large metal sheet metal cutting workshop, focusing on sheet metal forming production for 20 years, 10 professional engineers provide the most professional production solution services, promise 100% qualified products, punctual delivery time, lower than the market cost .

Mulan is audited to ISO 9001-2015 standards and meets RoHS standards, supplying OEM and ODM quality services and high quality products to 1000+ metal parts buyers worldwide.


If you are looking for a Chinese metal sheet metal forming partner, please contact us : info@mulanmfg.com

We provide a full range of technical support services, product design optimization, mold design and manufacturing, product production supervision, quality control, permanent mold maintenance.




Mulan offers precision cutting processes including:

Laser Cutting Service

CNC Flame/Plasma Cutting Service

Water jet Cutting

wire-electrode cutting(WEDM)


Cuttable material:

Steel Sheet,

Stainless Steel Sheet,

Aluminum Sheet,

Copper Sheet (Bronze, Brass),

carbon steel,

galvanized sheet,



Laser Cutting Service


Laser cutting is an advanced modern process that is widely used for high efficiency cutting of sheet metal and metal slabs. Through the high-power laser beam, the metal sheet is precisely cut to obtain the complex shape required. And keep the material surface intact, no burrs.

Mulan invested in a large-scale metal laser cutting factory, a variety of advanced, precision equipment, through the ISO9001-2015 standard audit, focusing on custom production of sheet metal cutting services, providing one-stop production solutions.

Strong production capacity, scientific quality control, efficient online feedback, low-cost high-quality products.



OEM&ODM Sheet Metal Laser Cutting Service :


titanium, stainless steel, mild steel, aluminium, plastic, wood, engineered wood, wax, fabrics, and paper.




Surface Roughness:Ra 3.2  (Free of scratches.)


MOQ: 1PCS - 50k PCS

Lead time : 12~25 days after confirming


10% First Article Inspection

20% During Production Inspection 

10% Pre-shipment Inspection



 Precision Customized Sheet Metal Laser Cutting Service




 Aluminum Sheet Precision Laser Cutting Service

 Stainless Steel Sheet Laser Cutting Products Bending Parts

 Spring Plate Laser Cutting Stamping Parts


CNC Flame / Plasma Cutting Service


Plasma cutting is an economical and efficient manufacturing process that is widely used to cut medium to thick carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum and alloys. Highly efficient cutting, tolerance control and repeatability. It can process carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum and other materials within 2 inches thick. Due to the high speed and precision cuts combined with low cost, plasma cutting sees widespread use from large-scale industrial CNC applications down to small hobbyist shops.

   OEM&ODM CNC Flame / Plasma Cutting Service

Material: Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, SPCC, Aluminum

Material Size: Thickness from  2mm-300mm, width from  50mm-3500mm, length from 1m-14m or according to customer's special request

Tolerance: +/-1.0~3.0mm

MOQ: 1PCS - 50k PCS

Lead time : 12~25 days after confirming


10% First Article Inspection

20% During Production Inspection 

10% Pre-shipment Inspection

1.) metal constructions such as buildings,bridges,ships;

2.) transmission tower, reaction tower;

3.) lifting transportation machinery;

4.) industrial furnace;boilers

5.) container frame, warehouse goods shelves, etc


 Precision CNC Flame / Plasma Cutting Products Show



CNC Flame / Plasma Cutting Factory

300mm Carbon Steel Sheet Cutting Products



Metal Water Jet Cutting Service


The metal sheet is cut into a complex shape by a high pressure spray of water and an abrasive powder mixture. It is widely used in the case where the material to be cut cannot withstand high temperature cutting, and the material is prevented from being cut by high temperature to change the material characteristics, and the heat influence is minimized.

By replacing the processing nozzles, it is also possible to cut various complicated shapes, irregular holes, bevels, etc., and water cutting can save material waste compared to the thermal cutting process.

By switching the spray speed and angle, the finish of the material cut edge and the cutting taper can be improved.

Waterjet cutting is used in various industries, including mining and aerospace, for cutting, shaping, and reaming.

Mulan offers professional water cutting technology support services and one-stop production of high quality water cutting products.


Material: carbon steel, Aluminum 5052, 6061T, 7075T6, Galvanized sheet stainless steel Glass ceramic rubberetc. 

Cutting Accuracy:±0.1mm

Hole Diameter: ±0.1mm

Angular : ±1°

Thickness of The Material :Metal sheet 1mm-90mm  plastic sheet 1mm-300mm


Lead time : 12~25 days after confirming


10% First Article Inspection

20% During Production Inspection 

10% Pre-shipment Inspection


Precision CNC Water Jet Cutting Products Show



Carbon Steel Sheet CNC Water Jet Cutting Products

20mm Stainless Steel 316 Sheet Water Jet Cutting Products



Wire-Electrode Cutting(WEDM)



Wire EDM is a relatively mature metal cutting process, usually divided into fast wire, medium wire, and slow wire.

Fast wire: The wire speed of the wire-cut wire is 6~12 mm/s, and the wire is used for high-speed round-trip motion, and the cutting precision is poor.

Middle wire: Medium wire EDM wire cutting is a new technology developed in recent years based on the fast-cut wire cutting.

Slow wire: The wire speed of the slow wire EDM wire cutting is 0.2mm/s, and the wire wire performs low speed one-way movement with high cutting precision.

Mulan has an independent wire cutting shop that produces high-precision products such as mold products, measuring tools, and machining fixtures. We provide one-stop technical support and production services, can be customized according to customer design, and with secondary processing, get high-quality finished products designed by customers. Passed the ISO9001-2015 standard certification, the product complies with the RoCH standard.



Material :

RK887, CD650, KD20, SKD11, SKH9

Application :

Electronics, electrical appliance, auto parts, medical, communication and military field etc.

Lead time :

Fastest delivery time 2 days, depending on the specific situation

Tolerance :


1. It can process conductor materials and semiconductor materials with high hardness, high strength, high brittleness and high toughness which are difficult to process or can not be processed by traditional methods.

2. It can process fine-shaped holes, narrow slits and complex shape parts.

3. Suitable for processing heat sensitive materials;

4. Due to the narrow slit produced during processing, the actual metal erosion is small and the material utilization rate is high.

5. The numerical control system is adopted to facilitate the automatic control of the machining process.


Precision Wire-Electrode Cutting(WEDM) Products Show



Copper Alloy EDM Plastic Injection Mould Tools

Copper Alloy EDM Plastic Injection Mould Component




1 Day

Mulan's service is 7*24 hours. When we receive your product requirements, we will reply to you within 5 hours. You may receive a greeting from us, but we may have made a simple assessment of your requirements.If you are on the other side of the earth, please forgive us for replying to you within 24 hours.

2 Hours

If your design is simple and you can tell us all the requirements, then we can start production in 2 hours.Mulan has its own processing plant, more than 10 years of precision car processing experience, complete tools, professional production.

7 Days

If your products are in small quantities, not special materials, then we can finish your production within 7 days and start the final quality inspection.

Mullan's quality inspection team is an engineer who has been working in the precision vehicle processing industry for over 20 years, with CMM and enough inspection tools to help.

1 Month

It will take at least one month to ship goods from China to your country, which is a time that mulan cannot save. However, mulan has a professional international shipping logistics team, which can save the time of handling international shipping documents. Therefore, you can submit all your requirements to Mulan.


After 10 years of development,

Mulan has integrated more than 30 manufacturing processes,

We are your one-stop supplier.

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